Police Department


Charleston Police Staff


Joel S. Shute, Deputy Chief

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Chief of Police

The Chief of Police manages department resources, in order to produce an effective police force which provides a high level of service to the community. The responsibilities of the Chief of Police include supervising and deploying personnel and resources, developing and implementing the department's objectives, and monitoring of the divisions.

The Chief also develops the organization. Actions including responding to community needs and assessments, improving staff productivity and operational techniques, long-range planning, formulating policies and procedures and attending public meetings.

Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief is responsible for oversight of the following department functions:
  • Fleet Management / Equipment Maintenance
  • Training Scheduling
  • Determining training needs in conjunction with the Chief of Police
  • Community Policing Initiatives
  • Training Facility
  • Evidence/Property Room
  • Internal investigations of those under his command
  • Police Recruit background investigations
Chris Darimont, Lt. Chief of Detectives
Cody Harley, Detective
Kirk Kepley. Detective

The Investigations Division is led by Detective Chris Darimont, Lt. Investigations are made up of the Detective Lt., three detectives, the Juvenile Investigator, and a drug enforcement officer, who is assigned to a multi-jurisdictional drug task force. The Investigations Division is responsible for making follow-up investigations of crimes committed in our jurisdiction.

Detective Lt. Darimont is also the Investigations liaison with state, federal, and surrounding agencies. He assists the Chief and Deputy Chief with yearly training and the equipment budget for the Investigation Section.


The patrol division operates on a 12-hour shift rotation with four squads. The four squads are immediately supervised by the Lieutenants and Sergeants.

Lt. Brett Compton, Lt. Todd Boles, Lt. Brian Hissong, Lt. Brandon Spindler

Sgt. David Dunning, Sgt. Brett Hildebrand, Sgt. Scott Workman, Sgt. Brian Siefferman

Patrol is the heart of the police department with highly trained officers who conduct initial investigations of crimes committed in the community. They also respond to calls for service, patrol the city to prevent crime, investigate traffic accidents, and enforce traffic laws.


Our clerical and parking section is responsible for maintaining our record keeping system, entering data into the computer system regarding incidents reported to the police department, traffic citation and traffic accident data; and assisting the administration and officers in a variety of administrative functions.
Wendy Drake, Evidence Custodian
Ashley Temple, Records Clerk

Anna Goddard, Administrative Assistant