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General Use Policy:
The City of Charleston now utilizes the Internet and two cable television companies to distribute information to the citizens of Charleston, local community, and persons interested in visiting or relocating to Charleston.  It is in the City’s best interest to have a particular policy regarding the content of these digital formats. 

The primary purpose of these digital communications is to distribute information to the citizens of Charleston regarding official City business.  The secondary purpose is to provide a resource for government institutions (that are affiliated with Charleston) so that they may promote individual events and distribute information. 

At this time, the City of Charleston limits the use of the website and cable television access channels to the following items:

Official City details – directory, calendar of events, job
postings, City Codes, City maps, information
about City projects, and agendas and minutes
for official City Boards and Commissions.

Items from the following government institutions 
which Charleston is a part of – Coles County,
Charleston School District, Eastern Illinois
University, Coles Together, Charleston Area
Chamber of Commerce, Charleston 4th of July
Committee, and Charleston Tourism.

All items are at the discretion of the City Manager.

Website Posting Policy:

 Requests for posts under the Information section on this site will be solely in conformance with this policy. Those seeking a post on the City’s website must comply with this policy. All requests will be evaluated on a first come, first-served basis. Requests will not be granted automatically. The City of Charleston, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to deny a request that does not meet the criteria outlined in this policy. The City of Charleston will not publish content that contains, promotes, or suggests, but is not limited solely to the following: content regarding political/campaign speech, hate, bias, racism, discrimination, threats, obscene nature, or other content deemed inappropriate by the City of Charleston. The City of Charleston, at its sole discretion, will determine whether a posting request meets the purposes of the City’s website.