Building Permit

The Building Permit codes are to make sure that all structures within Charleston are safe. All buildings must meet various codes and regulations of the City, County, State, or Federal agencies.

One should get a Building Permit to construct or modify a structure. The building permit is also needed for electrical and plumbing work. In the case of regular property maintenance that does not alter the structure, a Building Permit is not required. 

Inspections are required as part of the building permit and construction process.

To obtain a Building Permit, fill out the application and return to City Hall as directed below. To inquire about inspections, contact Building Code Permits and Inspections at (217) 345-5650.

Please note: We DO NOT accept DIGITAL SIGNATURE.  

Please print on 8 ½” X 14” paper, sign, and fax to 217.345.7554 or email to

Building Permit Application