Charleston Tree Commission

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The Charleston Tree Commission meets at 8:00 am in the Parks & Recreation Conference Room, 2nd Floor, City Hall on the 4th Thursday of every month.  Typically, no December meeting is planned.
Meeting agendas can be found here. 

Mission Statement

The City of Charleston recognizes that the protection of its natural resources is vital to the aesthetic appreciation of our community. Specifically, the City feels it is necessary to take an active role in the maintenance of its existing trees, as well as planning for the ongoing addition and replacement of trees within the city.

The mission of the Charleston Tree Commission is to advise and consult the City Council in serving the interests of the Charleston community regarding any and all matters pertaining to trees located within the city.

Charleston Tree Commission -  (9 members )
  • Stan Adkins
  • Pete Frey
  • Marissa Grant
  • Kenton Macy  
  • Cynthia Nichols
  • Brian Nordin
  • Gordon Tucker
  • Rich Wandling
  • CJ Applegate, City Representative
Program History

  • May 1993—First Charleston Tree Commission appointed by City Council to survey and inventory all trees on public rights of way. 
  • July 1993—Tree Commissioner Dr. John Ebinger leads the development of “Arboricultural Specifications and Standards Manual” for City of Charleston. 
  • December 1993— City of Charleston submits an application for “TreeCity USA” designation.
  • January 1994—City applies for Tree Planting Initiative Grant through Illinois Department of Conservation. 
  • March 1994—“TreeCity USA” designation granted for the first time.
  • March 1994—City receives $38,690 Tree Planting Initiative Grant.
  • March 1994—Requisite $25,000 in Matching Funds for Tree Planting Initiative is met through generous donations of private citizens, businesses, and charitable groups.  NOTE:  No tax monies required from the City, and a total of 754 trees are planted on public property. 
  • March 1994—Informational slide presentation on tree planting is developed to motivate community involvement.  A Charleston Community Forest Management Plan with Objectives is formulated. 
  • End of 1995—Tree Commission deactivated; ongoing projects suspended.
  • December 2005—City Council reestablishes Tree Commission; update of original tree survey initiated.
  • March 2007—Charleston again achieves “TreeCity” USA designation and continues to date.