Wastewater Treatment Plant


Responsible for the treatment of the City's sanitary sewage and maintenance of all sanitary lift stations.

Construction of  Improvements to the City of Charleston Waste Water Treatment Plant was financed by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund

Overton_pics_002sml(SRF). The SRF program is administered by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and receives a portion of its money to fund these types of projects from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This project includes the construction of a new sludge stabilization process that will replace the current anaerobic digestion system, improvements to the plant’s aeration tanks, and the return of activated sludge pumping systems to provide biological phosphorus removal and overall operational improvements for the activated sludge process.  Other improvements include improved metering and bypass capabilities at the raw sewage pump station. Once complete, it will improve water quality for area residents and businesses in the City of Charleston by improving the treatment capabilities of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. SRF programs operate in each state to provide communities the resources necessary to build, maintain, and improve the infrastructure that protects one of our most valuable resources: water.
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