Weather Spotters

Cole County E.M.A. Weather Spotters

One of the better-known functions of EMA is severe weather event coordination. This includes a network of Coles County Storm Spotters who are strategically deployed throughout the county to provide an advance warning during periods of severe weather. Also, trained police and fire personnel and local HAM Radio operators monitor conditions in and around their communities. All of these storm spotters maintain contact with the EMA Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to provide immediate notification of severe weather conditions. The EMA is responsible for activating or authorizing activation of the outdoor warning sirens systems, alert signal receivers and Cable TV emergency warning systems.

During severe weather watches, the EOC staff is responsible for monitoring the weather radar and the National Weather Service weather information.  EOC Staff disseminates this information to EMA storm spotters, amateur radio storm spotters, and other public safety agencies.  One of the most valuable sources of weather warning information is the National Warning Alert System (NaWAS).   This closed circuit telephone loop connecting state, federal and local government offices as well as military and emergency service agencies provides instant communications with the weather services offices.

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