Emergency Plans

Emergency Operations Plan

One of the primary goals of the EMA is to maintain the County in a state of readiness should a major emergency/disaster occur. This is accomplished through the use of an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) which outlines the responsibilities of each City or County Department or other responding agencies in any emergency/disaster and how they will operate jointly with other Department’s or organizations to control the situation. This Plan is reviewed quarterly and updated and approved by the State Emergency Management Agency every two (2) years. The current version of our Plan received State approval in 2006.

Home Emergency Plan & Sheltering

While we have heard a lot recently regarding emergency planning for your home due to concerns about homeland security, there is also a significant risk of a natural disaster that could cut us off from outside services.  For example, an ice storm or a tornado could cut power to your home and make roadways impassable.  Therefore, it's is important that you and your family have a plan to deal with an emergency.

Coles County EMA suggests that everyone should have an emergency plan in place BEFORE an emergency strikes and have a disaster kit in your home.  You need to be ready to stay in your home, without outside services or assistance, for a minimum period of three days. 

The Federal Government operates a website dedicated to emergency planning for families, www. ready.gov. In addition, the American Red Cross has lots of excellent information on how you and your family can be prepared.  If you need more information or assistance with preparing a family emergency plan or assembling a home disaster kit, please do not hesitate to contact our offices at 217/348-0581.