Current Boards and Members

Board of Zoning and Appeals (BZAP) - Acts in an advisory capacity to City Council.  The Board conducts public hearings and recommends action on variances, conditional uses, planned unit developments (P.U.D.'s), subdivisions, and zoning amendments; Recommends changes and amendments to Zoning Map and Zoning Code Text; Hears and acts on all appeals of any order, requirement, decision or determination by the Building Official; Makes recommendations on items referred to it by City Council.
(7 members, 5-year terms)

  • Pat Adair 
  • Tim Jacobs
  • Jill Nilsen
  • Ryan W. Siegel
  • Lexe Volk
  • Jason Wavering
  • Jim Wood  


Building Code Board of Appeals - (3 members)

  • E.D. Buxton
  • Chuck Parker
  • David Shick


Carnegie Public Library Board of Trustees– Supervises the administration of Carnegie Public Library.  The Library is a semi-autonomous organization of the City of Charleston. 
(9 members, 3-year terms)

  • Lorie Banks
  • Craig Cunningham
  • Mary Droste
  • Tim Keefe
  • Jessica Krahnke
  • Michael Monahan
  • Bob Newell
  • Jacob Smallhorn
  • Bob Wiseman



Charleston Tree Commission -  (11 members - and 3 advisory members)

  • Stan Adkins
  • Gary Cole
  • Kenton Macy  
  • Dale McCullough
  • Cynthia Nichols
  • Ian Pendergast-White
  • Gordon Tucker
  • Bob Wagoner
  • CJ Applegate, City Representative


Charleston City Council - Meets the 1st & 3rd Tuedsay of the month

  • Brandon Combs, Mayor
  • Matthew Hutti, Council Member
  • Jeff Lahr, Council Member
  • Tim Newell, Council Member
  • Dennis Malak, Council Member


Coles County Airport Authority Board - Oversees the management of the Coles County Airport.  (1 City-Appointed Member)

  • Jim Campbell
  • Roger Detro
  • Mike Vaughn
  • Don Schaefer, City-Appointed Member


Corridor Review Committee - Reviews projects located in the "Corridor Development District" (CD) of both the Cities of Charleston and Mattoon for compliance with a joint zoning district code.  The CD District is located along and near Illinois Route 16 between both Cities.  (7 members, 4-year terms)

  • Pat Adair, Charleston BZAP Member
  • Gary Boske, Mattoon Planning Commission Member
  • Angela Griffin, Coles Together Director
  • Jeff Lahr, Charleston City Council Member
  • Rick Hall, Mattoon City Council Member
  • Don Schaefer, Coles County Airport Authority


Electrical Commission - Recommends electrical codes and ordinances to the City Council.  Hears and decides on appeals of the Electrical Inspector's decisions and determinations.  (7 members, 5-year terms)

  • Terry Allen
  • Steve Bennett
  • Al Green
  • Darren Hite
  • Bob Olson
  • James Shoot
  • Scott Gossett, City Liaison


External Relations Committee - The External Relations Committee consists of members of the Eastern Illinois University Student Senate, Administration and Faculty, and members of the Charleston City Council.  The Committee addresses University/Community relations in an effort to improve and maintain cooperation, coordination and communication.
(4 members)

  • Brandon Combs, Mayor
  • Jeff Lahr, City Council Member
  • Open Seat, City Council Member
  • E.I.U. Student Government Representative


Firefighters Pension Fund Board of Trustees - Meets quarterly at 3:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month (February, May, August, November).

  • Bruce Gubbins - Elected Member
  • Kiel Schaljo - Elected Member
  • Scott Todd- Elected Member
  • Steve Bennett - Fire Chief
  • R. Scott Smith - City Manager


Fire and Police Board of Commissioners - (3 members, 3 year terms)

  • Reed Benedict, Chairman 
  • Brendan Lynch
  • Doug McDermand


Historic Preservation Commission (7 Members, staggered terms)

  • Bob Bertand
  • Guiliana Dongu
  • Erin Blitz
  • Merry Lichtenberger
  • Blair Lord
  • Kathryn "Kit" Morice
  • Peter Quinn
  • Matt Madigan, Ex Officio Member
  • Nora Pat Small, Ex Officio Member
  • Deborah Muller, Staff Liaison


Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC)

  • Steve Bennett
  • Dan Deeken
  • Dan Ensign
  • Joe Fehrenbacher
  • Valerie Goodwin
  • Tim Gover
  • Mara Hildebrand
  • Jim Hilgenverg
  • Brian Houston
  • Sean Junge
  • Jeff Lahr
  • Tim Meister
  • Christina J. Miller
  • Brian Peterlich
  • Steve Skidmore
  • Gloria Spear
  • Rob Storud
  • Jason Taylor
  • Kiley WIllison


Parks and Recreation Advisory Board - Reviews issues and recommends Council action on all matters related to parks, recreation, and tourism activities.  (5 members, 5 year terms)

  • Ken Baker
  • Brett Lockart
  • Bill Moore
  • Donnagene Quivey
  • Tory Wilson


Police Pension Fund Board of Trustees -   (7 members)

  • James Blagg
  • Grant Hale
  • Steve Hutti
  • Heather Kuykendall
  • Tony West


Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District Joint Review Board - Holds yearly meetings to advise the City of Charleston on TIF District expenditures and plans.  Membership is determined by State Statute, which requires representatives of certain taxing bodies in Coles County. 
(7 members, appointed by the taxing body they represent)

  • Larry "Pud" Hanner, Charleston Township Supervisor
  • Rance Higgins, Public Member
  • Trevor Doughty, Charleston CUSD No. 1
  • Josh Bullock, Lake Land Community College
  • Don Schaefer, Coles County Airport Authority
  • R. Scott Smith, Charleston City Manager
  • Crystal Smith, Multi-Township Assessor
  • Stan Metzger, Charleston Township Park District


Tourism Advisory Board - (9 members, 3 year terms) - Meets the 2nd Tuesday of even numbered months.

  • Jim Davis
  • Heather Kelly
  • David Kirsch
  • Bill Lair
  • Brendan Lynch
  • Matthew Mittelstaedt
  • Laura Smallhorn
  • Michael Watts
  • Dale Wolf


If you are interested in serving on a City board, commission, or committee please send a letter of interest to:  Charleston City Manager, 520 Jackson Avenue, Charleston, IL 61920;  call (217) 345-5650; or email

520 Jackson Avenue, Charleston, IL 61920 ~ Phone 217-345-5650 ~ TTY 217-345-7517 ~ Fax 217-345-7554 ~