City Council

The City Council is the duly elected legislative and policy-making body of the City of Charleston. The fundamental job of the City Council is to make policy decisions for the City based on relevant and accurate information received from the full-time City Manager and his staff. Committees and Advisory Boards of the City Council render recommendations to the full body regarding municipal projects, facilities, services, finance and personnel as well as issues of health, safety, and welfare of the community at large. The City Council solicits and receives the support of many volunteer citizen committees to ensure a democratic, citizen-centered process.

A responsible government is critical to a city's welfare. In Charleston, a responsive representative government is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, an appointed City Manager. The Mayor and City Council make municipal decisions based on state statutes, local ordinances and recommendations from a full-time City Manager and his staff. Many volunteer citizen committees support the work of elected officials to represent the wishes of their constituents to encourage a democratic, citizen-centered process.
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