How do I Remain Legal on Lake Charleston?

Alex Russel Memorial Pier
Alex Russel Memorial Pier

Lake Charleston requires your boat to have a valid state licensing sticker. All sizes of motors are allowed on the water, but must adhere to the “No Wake” rule (Boats may not go more than 5MPH unless wind conditions require it; boats need to avoid creating large waves in the water).

When fishing, please make sure that everyone aged 16 and older have a valid fishing license. 

Fowl hunting is allowed, but you must register with the City first. This can be done by calling 217-345-5650 or visiting us at 520 Jackson Ave, Charleston, IL during operating hours.”

520 Jackson Avenue, Charleston, IL 61920 ~ Phone 217-345-5650 ~ TTY 217-345-7517 ~ Fax 217-345-7554 ~